Dashboard BETA

Welcome fellow developers and node operators!

As most of you make yourself familiar with the dashboard interface, we wanted to keep you informed by letting you know that this is a BETA version.

What to expect during this beta version?
Minor bugs can occur, as well as, we have not certified the node's section to be 100% functional, but the Pocket Team is working hard to get it to perfection.

What type of bugs are expected to be found?
Some transactions might take more than one block to be reflected in the Dashboard.
Visual/UI/UX issues might be present at some resolutions and screens, email notifications might not be 100% consistent due to a known issue, and last, some cache issues.

How do I report a bug(s)?
To report a bug, click here
Also, let us know your suggestions, bugs, issues, improvements, and feelings/reviews by using the #suggestions-box on our discord.

Updated 5 months ago

Dashboard BETA

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